What We Do

UV Covers

Even the best furling covers deteriorate from UV exposure and wind damage.  

Repairing sacrificial covers is one of our most requested repairs. We can often restitch UV covers to give them a few more years of service.

If replacement is required, we offer several options, including Sunbrella, WeatherMax and UV Dacron.

Sail Repair

From Dacron to ripstop to laminates, we are your go-to loft for sail repairs. We carefully inspect every sail and will provide an honest assessment with the best options to get you back on the water. Most importantly, we won't pressure you to buy a new sail if you don't need one.

A few of our most frequent repairs:
Conversion from hanks to roller furling or bolt rope to slugs
Modification or recuts
Patching rips, tears, holes or chafe
Adding or replacing vision windows or reef points
Sail cleaning
Marine canvas cleaning and repair 

Custom Sails

Whether your current sails are shredded or just blown out and baggy, chances are your days on the water aren't as enjoyable as they used to be. TC Sails is proud to partner with one of the most experienced sail designers in the country.

We'll discuss how you like to sail your boat, typical sailing conditions, rating systems, etc., and then use CAD / CAM to design your perfect sail.

Most of our sails are lofted right here in the Nashville area, while high tech laminates requiring a more sophisticated production infrastructure make their start on the west coast but come back to TC Sails for all finish work.

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